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deutsche Versionfrom 19.-22.June 2016

The first exhibition of the 17th Erlangen International Comic Salon 2016 opens today!
Ruppert & Mulot: “The little theatre of inebriation”

Installation in the Stadmuseum Erlangen, accompanying the exhibition „Augenblick! Die Faszination des Sehens“

The human eye is lazy. It registers the incidence of light – for example an image - for fractions of a second after the source of light has already vanished. This is known as flicker-fusion-rate or stroboscopic effect. As a result, humans experience a number of static images which are slightly altered as continuous movement. Every flip-book illustrates how this illusion works. The two French artists Florent Ruppert and Jérôme Mulot use this illusion of movement for their project as they fill the zones between the history of cinema and the history of sequential art, as well as connecting both media aesthetically. In their installation “The little theatre of inebriation” (“Le petit théâtre de l’ébriété”) a morbid psycho-theatre is imagined, as they combine two visual media in a surprising way: The story is narrated on comic-pages, while important scenes are sensualized in movement on small rotating stages.

April 8 until June 26 2016
Stadtmuseum Erlangen
Martin-Luther-Platz 9, 91054 Erlangen

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The first exhibition of the 17th Erlangen International Comic Salon 2016 opens today!
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