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The International Comic Artist Seminar has been taking place in connection with the Erlangen International Comic Salon since 1986 and it is one of a kind. The seminar, which is made up of about 20 participants with experience in drawing, is organised by the artist agency Contours and is conducted by Paul Derouet together with two internationally renowned comic artists. During this year’s Erlangen International Comic Salon, the results of the last two seminars will be presented to the public. Several weeks before the seminar starts, the participants are given a topic to prepare a story, which is then fleshed out with the help of the tutors during the seminar. The works that result from these seminars are often prospects of future comic careers. After all, former participants include, amongst others, Isabel Kreitz, Uli Oesterle, Ulf K., Nicolas Mahler etc.

Next date: 29th Comic Artist Seminar – 13 to 19 June 2014
Tutors: Barbara Yelin, Lukas Jüliger, Mawil, and Paul Derouet
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