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The project „Comic Goes School“ is an initiative by the Kulturservice Erlangen für Schulen und Kitas (KS:ER), the International Comic Salon, and the Jugendkunstschule Erlangen, which presents students with the opportunity to participate actively, creatively, and visibly in the Comic Salon’s program, as well as to learn about the diversity of graphic literature. “Comic Goes School” is made up of multi-day workshops with renowned comic artists in the forefront of the Salon, which have been attended by 147 pupils, as well as the presentation of the workshop results in an exhibition during the festival, and a collective visit of the Comic Salon.

A cultural-educational project in cooperation with Erlangen schools, after school centers, youth work institutions, comic artists, and cultural institutions within the framework of the 16th Erlangen International Comic Salon 2014.


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